Turan Motorsport?s ?spring welcome? training

Frigyes Turan and his co-driver Gábor Zsiros prepared for the season with a daylong ride

The location of Turan Motorsport?s rally-day was the in region of Királd, the peaceful village located 35 kilometres northwest of Miskolc and 15 kilometres east of Ózd. Asphalt and steep, sharp curves... perfect practice field for the team who raced in SWRC last year.

?It was great to rally together again. We can really notice now how long the winter was. On the New Year?s Rally we said goodbye to the last season and almost three months passed without rally. But the new season will start soon, we will compete in ?Bükfürdő Rally? in early May and our Ford Fiesta will be here by then. We hope that the cancelled ?Eger Rally? will be held later because we love those stages very much. Today was perfect day, it?s great to pick up the pace again, and I guess our guests also enjoyed it. The test was successful and I?m sure we are ready for the championship,? said Frigyes Turan.

?We are preparing our bodies and also our minds for the National Rally Championship and we are looking forward to the races.. Usually the home stages are particularly exciting and unique with a special atmosphere which makes the races very enjoyable. The test was all right, we rallied at a very good pace so we expect big fights within the leader board,? added Gabor Zsiros.

The Turan Motorsport Team will compete in the first race of the Hungarian National Rally Championship, the Bükfürdő Rally (11-13 May), driving the Ford Fiesta and aiming for the top of the podium.

Source: Just Creative