Frigyes Turan is finally on home soil again

Frigyes (Frici) Turan and Gabor Zsiros to compete in Hungarian National Rally Championship

Last year Turan Motorsport Team gained so many adventures and experiences in SWRC, but they were lack of the incomparable atmosphere of Hungarian races. This year they can feel it again because they will be on the track of Eger Rally, the first race of the year, starting on the 31th of March. Besides competing in Hungarian National Rally Championship the team planned two international races too.


?I?m sure we will have so much fun and great races this year on the Hungarian and the planned international runs too. We will participate the whole Hungarian National Rally Championship season. On the Eger Rally I?ll drive the same Subaru Impreza I used on the ?Santa? and ?New Year?s? rally, and from the Bükfürdő Rally we can get back our Ford Fiesta what we rallied with in SWRC. We expect great fights for the lead and we will do our best to take it. This year the team?s official name is Turan Motorsport, so let me thank our former title sponsor the Synergon for its support over many years,?  said Frigyes Turan.


?We had so much fun at the SWRC series last year, we learned a lot but we missed the atmosphere of the Hungarian tracks and we also missed the home crowd. It was such a great experience when we saw a Hungarian flag on the sidelines or when the Hungarian funs helped and pushed our car back to the track in Germany, but it gives us extra strength for the race to be aware of that the course is surrounded by home crowd.? ? Gabor Zsiros added.

The following stages of the Hungarian Rally Championship after the Eger Rally are the Bükfürdő Rally in May, the Mecsek Rally in June, the Veszprém Rally in July, the Arad Rally in August, and the Miskolc Rally in November. On these races the team will rally with the Ford Fiesta of Markko Martin so they can be optimistic about the results.

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